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40,000 Anni di Arte Contemporanea

Materiali per una Esposizione sull'arte preistorica d'Europa

Emmanuel Anati

297 pages, 9788886621137, $80.00, Paperback,
Published: 12/31/2000

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Who are we? Through visual languages of early Europeans a vision of the origins of culture gives us a new image of ourselves; 40,000 years of human creativity, from the arrival of Homo sapiens, our direct ancestor, to the birth of the first nations, gives us with a novel perception of history and a new awareness of European identitiy. Europe has acquired its present shape in this long sequence of millennia. This publication and the exhibition it accompanies show us provocative flashes of the origins and motivations of art and on the migrations which led Homo sapiens from his land of origin.

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