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Diseños geométricos en los mosaicos de Écija (Sevilla)

Sebastián Vargas Vázquez

202 pages, Illustrated throughout in black and white., 9781407312965, $66.00, Paperback, British Archaeological Reports, Spanish/English
Published: 8/31/2014

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This volume focusses on the mosaics and geometric designs from Écija, the ancient Roman Astigi, the capital of the Conventus Astigitanus, which is one of four conventus iuridici that made the Roman Baetica. This work is part of a much larger study centered recently on the mosaics and the geometrical compositions of the Conventus Astgitanus, whose immediate objective pursued to cover the analysis of the musivaria of the whole of Baetica.

In conjunction with the mosaics catalogue, this volume presents a catalogue of geometric designs, which are results of studies of different fields that make up the pavements themselves.

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