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ASIL: Photographic Studies of the Purebred Arabian Horse

Tariq Dajani

112 pages, 51 illus, 9780957023383, $99.00, Hardback, Medina Publishing, English
Published: 6/1/2013

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There's something instantly recognizable about the photography of Tariq Dajani. It's a combination of what he photographs and his curiosity in seeking a personal connection with this subject, captured using modern photographic methods which nonetheless invoke something of the Old Masters of painting. With Asil: Photographic Studies of the Purebred Arabian Horse, Dajani presents a series of beautifully observed and mastered photographs. These poetic portraits contain an elusive quality that draws the eye in,as he attempts to penetrate further into the nature and personalities of his subjects. His work is contemporary by virtue of the medium, yet he is a purist by heart, displaying intellectual depth and classical realism. Asil is the Arabic word signifying purity, nobility and authenticity and is used to describe the purebred Arabian Horse. It is a word that could equally describe Dajani's photography. Although this book cannot do justice to the original prints, it has been produced to the highest possible standards and will undoubtedly find a place in the homes of all lovers of the horse and those who appreciate beauty in art and nature.

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