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Athenian Agora XXX

Attic Red-Figured and White-Ground Pottery

Mary B. Moore

420 pages, 52 figs, 157 plates, 9780876612309, $160.00, Hardback, American School of Classical Studies at Athens, English
Published: 12/1/1997

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This volume presents the inventoried red-figure and white-ground pottery found in the Agora excavations between 1931 and 1967. Intended as a companion volume to Attic Black-Figured Pottery (Athenian Agora XXIII). Two introductory sections give an overview of the entire state of knowledge of Attic red-figure painting, and how the Agora pieces fit into the sequence of red-figure. The catalogue gives measurements and descriptions for 1,684 pieces, with comparanda and references.

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