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Irenaeus on the Christian Faith

A Condensation of Against Heresies

James R. Jr Payton

234 pages, 9780227680186, $40.00, Paperback, James Clarke & Co, English
Published: 2/15/2012

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Irenaeus of Lyons (c. 130-202) is heralded as one of the greatest theologians of the post-apostolic church. The spiritual grandson of the apostle John, for his instructor in the faith was himself taught by the apostle, his writing stresses the importance of apostolic teaching and faithfully handing on the apostolic tradition. Irenaeuss magnum opus Against Heresies offers an unparalleled insight and interpretation of Johns own writing and an exposition of the Christian faith. Paytons compendium is a careful distillation of Irenaeuss masterpiece. He presents St Irenaeuss writings as a collective and seminal point in the development of Christian theology, from its genesis in the first century, and as a compelling exploration of the Christian doctrines of the early church. For years James Payton has studied Irenaeuss most important work: the result is an extremely accessible and yet still erudite condensation of Ireneuss theology; the essential companion to a work founded in a thorough knowledge of Scripture and steadfastly rooted in the apostolic tradition of the early church. Paytons examination of patristic theology is vital for those interested in learning what the early Christian church received and passed on from the apostles.

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